Who are we?

We are team of people who can forge visions and ideas into products. We don't know the phrase 'it can't be done' -
instead, we are more likely to ask 'how it can be done', and then just make it happen. Using skills and experiences of our team members in the field of game design, e-learning, managing and working in creativity-driven environment, we design and create projects, often considered impossible. Our passion is to make innovative things, and - as we prefer 'out of the box' way of thinking - this passion drives us to make things, not to talk about making things.

Our competencies

  • Game-based learning
  • Rapid learning
  • Game design, mobile games
  • Gamification

Digital factor, real changeWe use the potential of a modern technology to positively change the reality around us.

We advise

We turn ideas into designs and designs into products. We can advise about e-learning and gamification related projects, we help to design educational games, courses and learning programs. We can help you to increase chance, potential and impact of your project.

If you have an idea regarding learning industry (e-learning) or you're designing online products for business but you don't know how if you're doing it right or maybe you need help to develop your idea - we are here to help.

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We design

We design games and e-learning simulations, educational games and on line learning courses. We can make product that exactly matches your needs and expectations by presenting the idea that corresponds with the best business practices and is meritorically and formally coherent.

Our projects are based only on the best international standards - both technological and meritorical. Besides, every product we design is multi-platform - with particular emphasis on mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets).

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We make

Everyone say that the good idea is the half of success. For us, the idea is just the 5% of success - the rest is to turning this idea into real product, which works exactly like our Customer wants.

Using custom tools developed by us (suitable to make games and learning simulations), we make products both for the PC and for devices based on iOS and Android operating systems. We make sure that our products are always corresponding to best international standards, internally coherent and user-friendly.

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eFactor team consist incredible people with clear and elegant project vision
and who have ease of approach to every Customer.

Who are we looking for

Our services

System Skillgen daje możliwość organizacji nowoczesnych szkoleń, programów rozwojowych w formule otwartej lub zamkniętej wspartych potencjałem technologicznym i merytorycznym Systemu. Zgodnie z potrzebami klienta szkolenia mogą realizować dowolną ilość aktywności klasycznych – odbywających się na sali szkoleniowej – oraz aktywności realizowanych w formie elektronicznej - jak moduły e-learning dostępne w formie gier edukacyjnych.

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Thanks to More Than Manager platform, you can effectively test vocational competencies using Assessment Centre-based simulations (so far this method was used only for the high level managers). Thanks to this product, we can study competencies not only managers and team leaders, but also every employee. Our competency tests (and online courses related to them) are based on European vocational standards and European learning standards.

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PortfolioWe have worked on several projects. Take a look at some of them:


Winner of the competition „Lider rynku innowacji” (Leader of the innovation market). This award was given by "Gazeta prawna" daily.

RYNKOWY LIDER INNOWACJI 2013 (Market's leader of innovation 2013) – Quality, Creativity, EffFireectiveness is a nation-wide Polish promotional program. Its goal - promotion of a positive standards, implementation methods and work strategy regarding innovation and also strategy of a pro-quality actions within dynamically developing business.



eFactor Sp. z o.o.
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NIP: 712-327-06-86
KRS: 0000416680


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